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Rankings & Awards Management
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Strategic Corporate Communications
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Rankings Management

Improve your ratings and boost corporate reputation with a systematic rankings management initiative.

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Why it is relevant

Every year, new outlets around the world publish +500 rankings, evaluating companies in almost all reputation aspects. Rankings send a strong and simple message to your stakeholders (e.g., shareholders, customers, potential employees). Consequently, they have a strong impact on the perception of your company. They either help build corporate reputation or threaten your communication strategy.
We have built a unique rankings management system which contains over 1,000 rankings across the world. We know the importance, compilation criteria and release dates of any important ranking worldwide. We know your ranks and how to improve them. We help you leverage your achievements, as well as understanding  and therefore explain setbacks.

What we offer

R.A.T.E. has built a ranking management system which contains over 1000 rankings worldwide. We know exactly who is rating your company, what your scores are and what possibilities you have to improve them.

Performance analysis and measurement
We measure your past performance compared to peers and cross-industry role models.

Participation strategy
We support you in identifying opportunities, setting goals, and defining necessary tasks.

Project and participation management
We help you finding „quick wins“ and to sustainably manage results over a longer period of time.

Manage expectations & leverage accomplishments
We help you to stay on top of internal and external communications around rankings, to leverage achievements and cushion disappointments.

Development, conduction, and publication of proprietary rankings
We can help you publishing your own ranking – as a marketing tool to position your company or to enhance competition in a certain area.

Strategic Corporate Communications

Are your internal communication activities having an impact on your employee's opinions and behavior?
We support to evaluate and improve your decision making for targeted corporate communications.

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Why it is relevant

Corporate Communicators need to create targeted, relevant and impactful content especially when the culture of your organization is changing. Doing so without the proper tools to help you guide your team is like steering an airplane with a blindfold.

We create measurement and evaluation strategies, tactics and tools that help you demonstrate the impact of your communication to the top management.
We create content for corporate and change communication that is impactful to support your transformation journey.

What we offer

Channel Measurement Audit
Improve the effectiveness of your corporate communication channels.

Comprehensive Measurement Framework & Dashboards
Create a measurement approach that fits your company and tracks your communication impact.

Change Communications with Impact
Use communication content optimized for impact.

Content Engagement Strategies
Improve your content engagement with targeted testing & surveying strategies.


Support your business goals with a sustainability strategy beyond philanthropy.

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Why it is relevant

Massive national and international societal challenges in combination with technological innovation especially in the area of media and communication have led to a situation in which corporations continuously need to justify their license to operate. Creating jobs and sharing profits through philanthropic initiatives is not enough anymore. Companies need to ensure that products and services are produced in an ethical and responsible way along the entire value chain and that its operations create not only value for shareholders but for all relevant stakeholders. Greenwashing scandals of the past have created an environment where new CSR initiatives are perceived with a critical eye, by politicians, journalists and the public as long as the company cannot prove that its motivation is genuine.

CSR pioneers such as Nestle, Unilever or Walmart have proven how businesses can profit from a strong link between business and CSR through systematic stakeholder engagement, enhance transparency, and share value initiatives. Today, CSR is far more than romantic philanthropy, it is a way to control risks but also to leverage opportunities while expanding businesses in a sustainable way.

What we offer

ESG rankings and ratings
Do you know which CSR ratings are important for your company and how to make sure that your activities gain a fair rating?
We help you to prioritize and manage CSR ratings. We support your team to collect the data CSR analysts require and to prepare the information in a way that secures a fair evaluation.

CSR strategy develpment
Do you know how your CSR activities align with your business strategy?
We help you to streamline your CSR initiatives and develop a CSR strategy that is taken seriously by external stakeholders as well as your top management and shareholders.

Materiality Assessment
Do you know whether you are focusing on topics with the highest leverage?
We help you to identify the topics your company should focus its CSR strategy on.

Stakeholder Engagement
Do you know with whom you should be engaging with and what happens to these relationships when your colleagues leave the company?

We help you to identify and prioritize your key stakeholders, and to develop and implement an effective, institutionalized engagement strategy.