R.A.T.E. index

What R.A.T.E. Indices measure

  • R.A.T.E. indices measure the performance of multinational companies across the world’s most high-profile reputation rankings.
  • Through the consolidation of ranking results the R.A.T.E. Index forms a meta-ranking that permits:
    • identification of those companies which perform well/weak across markets and reputation dimensions
    • comprehension of the image companies convey to their stakeholders when directly compared to their peers.

In 2016 R.A.T.E. published RATE indices for two markets: Germany (together with F.A.Z. Institute) and Switzerland (together with Farner)

R.A.T.E. Index Germany - 2016

What we looked at



R.A.T.E. Index Switzerland

What we looked at

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