Do you know which rankings/indices list your company and how they impact your global reputation?


Do you use the right performance metrics to steer your internal and external communication campaigns?


Do you have a stakeholder engagement strategy that helps you building reliable partnerships?


Do you fully leverage corporate benchmarks to build your reputation with key stakeholder groups e.g. potential hires, investors?

We are your partner for measurement-based communications at the interface of communications, reputation and benchmarking.

In cooperation with:


Rankings Management

Do you know who ranks your company and how?
We support you to measure and improve your performance in international rankings.

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Awards management

When did you win your last award and did it really help to achieve your objectives?
We identify the best awards for your strategic goals and enhance your chances of winning.

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Is your sustainability strategy sufficiently reflected in your CSR ratings?
We help you to focus on the ratings/indices that count and ensure that you receive a fair evaluation.

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Our Management Team

Steffen Rufenach

Steffen is located in Frankfurt. Prior to founding R.A.T.E., Steffen spent seven years advising corporate clients on public affairs, corporate affairs, as well as reputation and rankings management at Hering Schuppener Consulting. Steffen has a Master of Business Administration from the University of Frankfurt.

Timo Teichert
Senior Consultant

Timo is located in Königswinter. Prior to joining R.A.T.E., Timo worked for five years in a leading position in the communication performance and reputation management department at Hering Schuppener Consulting. Timo has a Master in Business Administration from University of Dortmund.

Dr. Gero Kalt
R.A.T.E. Advisory Board

Gero is Managing Director of  F.A.Z.-Institut, the strategic partner of R.A.T.E. in Germany. The F.A.Z.-Institut is part of the prestigious publishing group "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung". Since 1989, it provides high-class services in the area of analysis, conception and consulting for stakeholder-targeted communication. 

Dr. Thomas Scheiwiller
R.A.T.E. Advisory Board

Thomas is based in the Zurich area. He works as an independent advisor and member of boards, mainly for international large businesses, both listed and privately-owned. He is an expert in Integrity, Compliance, Sustainability, and Governance. Thomas holds a PhD in Physics from ETH Zurich.

Strategic Partners

Founded in 2014, BizAwards is the first online community for business awards in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Through a sophisticated web platform, featuring profiles of more than 500 business awards, BizAwards connects award organizers with companies searching for recognition. BizAwards consultants advise both organizers and companies. They ensure that organizers receive eligible applications and help creating awards submissions that stand out among others in the competition.

F.A.Z.-Institut für Management-, Markt- und Medieninformationen GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of the renown daily newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Since 1989, as a management consultancy for marketing and communications it provides services in the areas Corporate Publishing, Surveys/Assessments, Media and communication analysis, Corporate Communications, and Optimizing customer relationships.


Feb 18
Mit Daten zur besseren Nachhaltigkeit: Wie Novartis die Wesentlichkeitsanalyse zu einem strategischen Werkzeug weiterentwickelt
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Der Pharmakonzern Novartis hat seine Wesentlichkeitsanalyse mit innovativen Elementen wie einer Szenarioanalyse erweitert, um eine bessere Grundlage für die Weiterentwicklung der Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie zu schaffen. Ziel…...

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Jan 18
Der Global-Ranking-Champion 2018 - Microsoft, Siemens und Airbus führend in internationalen Reputationsrankings
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Wie schneiden multinationale Unternehmen in den wichtigsten Rankings weltweit ab? Der neue R.A.T.E. Index 2018 fasst die Ergebnisse der 150 wichtigsten Rankings weltweit in einem…...

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